Back in February we mentioned News about a new Amiga game by Pixelglass called Worthy. Good News for all of you currently following it’s progress. Several updates have been implement which you can read about below.

– All game gfx are 100%
– All gameplay features are 100%
– SFX are 100%
– Music is 98% (one last track is up to be finalised – from a total number of 12 tracks).
– Final Boss fight is 100% (and so cool ;-) almost a game on it’s own in terms of features)!
– Animated Intros & outros are 100%
– Menus and peripheral stuff are 100%
– All levels (40 in total) are 100% complete gameplay & design wise (puzzles, layout, playability e.t.c.). What remains here is a final overhaul/redecoration using our new expanded tileset.
– Extensive testing for the final build and ironing out any occurring issues remains. We’ll move on to this phase soon.
– Readme/manual is complete, cover art e.t.c. for the physical release are pending.

Assume the role of a fearless boy and collect the required number of diamonds in each stage in order to win the girl’s heart! Travel from maze to maze, kill the baddies, avoid the traps, collect beers (your necessary “fuel” to keep you going), find the diamonds, prove to her you’re WORTHY!!

The game seems to be very close to completion, stay tuned for more info on a release date.

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